Debdale Park Gorton Greater Manchester

Debdale Park

Debdale Park is located in Gorton, Greater Manchester. Is it one of the largest parks in the City of Manchester at approximately 45 acres.

In the grounds, there is a bowling green, children’s play area, visitor and community centre as well as sports facilities such as skate park, tennis courts and a football pitch.

Two large reservoirs mear Debdale are licensed for fishing and the neighbouring Outdoor Centre as a range of activities including dinghy windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and kayaking along with indoor climbing, orienteering and team-building activities.

Debdale Park is also one of the starting points of the Fallowfield Loop cycle track, The track is part of the UK National Cycle Network.

To get to Debdale Park, you can catch the 201 from Manchester, Hattersley or Hyde or 203 from Manchester or Stockport or 205 From Manchester or Denton or 206 from Manchester or Gee Cross.

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Debdale Park
1075 Hyde Road
Gorton M18 7LJ