Platt Fields Park South Manchester

Platt Fields Park

Platt Fields is one of Manchester’s principal park that lies in the heart of inner city of Manchester. With it serving a large concentration of people of all ages and cultural origins. It is situated on a junction between Rusholme, Fallowfield and Moss Side.

The park has a variety of different areas such as a boating lake, hilly areas, a freshwater brook, a small community orchard, a rose garden as well as a quiet Shakespearean garden. For school groups and children, Platt Fields Park has a labyrinth and an ‘eco’ garden which serves an entertainment and educational value for them.

In addition to the greenery and nature, there are a number of sports and facilities within the park which include tennis courts, BMX track and skate park, bowling greens, rowing boats and pedalos for on the boating lake, as well as two children’s play areas. With all this and more, Platt Fields Park is ideal for families, couples, groups and individuals of all ages and interests and has lots of things to do for its’ south Manchester location.

To get to Platt Fields Park, you can catch the 42/43, 142/143 from Manchester or East/West Didsbury or 42 from Manchester or Stockport or 43 from Manchester or Manchester Airport.

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Platt Fields Park
Manchester M14 6LA